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Scaled Approach

The Scaled Approach represents a model for interventions delivered by Youth Offending Teams (YOTs) working with children and young people who have offended, and as a result appear before the courts for sentence. It reflects the statutory aim of the youth justice system – to prevent offending by children and young people, and is designed to help YOTs become more effective in delivering this principal aim in their local communities.

The Scaled Approach aims to ensure that interventions are tailored to the individual and are based on an assessment of their risks and needs. The intended outcomes are to reduce the likelihood of reoffending for each child or young person

Further information can be found on the Youth Justice Board (YJB) website in the sections on the Scaled Approach and the Youth Rehabilitation Order (YRO). There is a useful 'Frequently Asked Questions' page for the Scaled Approach;

YJB website:

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