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Person Posing a Risk to Children (PPRC)

This term replaced the term of ‘Schedule One Offender’, previously used to describe a person who had been convicted of an offence against a child listed in Schedule One of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933.

‘Person Posing a Risk to Children’ takes a wider view. Home Office Circular 16/2005 included a consolidated list of offences which agencies can use to identify those who may present a risk to children. The list includes both current and repealed offences, is for guidance only and is not exhaustive - subsequent legislation will also need to be taken into account when forming an assessment of whether a person poses a risk to children. The list of offences should operate as a trigger to further assessment/review to determine if an offender should be regarded as presenting a continued risk of harm to children. There will also be cases where individuals without a conviction or caution for one of these offences may pose a risk to children.


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