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National Panel of Independent Experts on Serious Case Reviews

National panel of independent experts advise Local Safeguarding Children Boards (‘LSCBs’) about the initiation and publication of Serious Case Reviews (‘SCRs’). The role of the panel is to support LSCBs in ensuring that appropriate action is taken to learn from serious incidents in all cases where the statutory SCR criteria are met and to ensure that those lessons are shared through publication of final SCR reports. The panel also reports to the Government their views of how the SCR system is working.

The panel's remit includes advising LSCBs about:

  • Application of the SCR criteria;
  • Appointment of reviewers; and
  • Publication of SCR reports.

LSCBs should have regard to the panel's advice when deciding whether or not to initiate an SCR, when appointing reviewers and when considering publication of SCR reports. LSCB Chairs and LSCB members should comply with requests from the panel as far as possible, including requests for information such as copies of SCR reports and invitations to attend meetings.


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