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Looked After Review

Looked After Reviews (also called a Statutory Reviews)are held at specified intervals in relation to all Looked After Children. Looked After Reviews are normally chaired by an Independent Reviewing Officer and are designed to ensure that adequate plans are in place to safeguard and promote the overall welfare of children; and to make recommendations, as necessary, for changes to those plans.

Looked After Reviews are convened at the following intervals:

  • Within twenty working days of the child becoming Looked After;
  • Then within three months of an initial looked after review;
  • Then subsequent looked after reviews should be conducted not more than six months after any previous review.

Reviews must take place sooner if the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) requests; the social worker's assessment is that the child's welfare is not being adequately safeguarded and promoted; a review would not otherwise occur before the child ceases to be detained in a YOI or secure training centre, or accommodated on remand; the authority proposes to cease to provide accommodation for a looked after child

The requirement to hold Looked After Reviews ends when the child ceases to be Looked After or when the local authority has authority to place for adoption, in which case there is a requirement to hold Adoption Reviews.

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