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Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Since 2008, local authorities have been required to undertake Joint Strategic Needs Assessments for their local area. Until 1 April 2013, this was done in collaboration with the local Primary Care Trust. From 1 April 2013, local authorities  and Clinical Commissioning Groups will be required to prepare the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment)(JSNA) through the local  Health and Wellbeing Board, undertaking a comprehensive analysis of the current and future needs and assets of their area. In the context of the JSNA an asset could be anything that can be used to improve outcomes and impact on the wider determinants of health. This could be facilities such as a One Stop Shop, or green spaces; but also local businesses, local providers with a specific expertise, or capacity within the local community, such as lunch clubs for isolated older people. This includes needs and assets relevant to health, social care and public health across the full lifecourse, covering children, young people and adults; and involves an analysis of the wider determinants of health.

Based on the JSNA, the members of the Health and Wellbeing Board will then develop a joint health and wellbeing strategy for their area, to plan the delivery of integrated local services based upon those needs and assets, and collectively addressing the underlying determinants of health and wellbeing.