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Health and Care Professions Council

From 1 August 2012, the Health Professions Council became known as the Health and Care Professions Council and took on the regulatory function of several professions, including social workers in England (previously regulated by the General Social Care Council.

It sets standards of proficiency for social workers (and other professionals), as well as standards for their conduct, performance, ethics and continuing professional development.

The Council maintains a Register of health and care professionals who meet these Standards.  All standards need to be met in order to stay on the Register to practise social work.

Members of the professions regulated by the Council have a professional title that is protected by law. This means, for example, that anyone using the title ‘social worker’  must be registered with the Council.

It is a criminal offence for someone to claim that they are registered with the Council when they are not, or to use a protected title that they are not entitled to use.

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