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Brief Report

Under the Care Planning, Placement and Case Review and Fostering Services (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2013, if, during an assessment as to the suitability of a prospective foster carer, but before the assessment is complete, information comes to light indicating that the applicant is unlikely to be suitable to foster, a Brief Report can be compiled setting out details of the assessment done and the reasons for considering the applicant unsuitable. The Brief Report can be submitted to the Fostering Panel without the need to complete a full assessment.

The prospective foster carer must be notified that the Brief Report is to be sent to the panel, provided with a copy and given 10 working days from the date of the notification to send their observations to the fostering service provider. The Brief Report should then be presented to the fostering panel for a recommendation, along with any observations submitted by the applicant and any other relevant information. Taking into account the fostering panel’s recommendation, the Agency Decision Maker must then make a determination about whether to terminate the assessment or whether the full assessment should be completed.

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