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Potentially Dangerous Person

A person who is not eligible for management under MAPPA but whose behaviour gives reasonable grounds for believing that there is a present likelihood of them committing an offence or offences that will cause serious harm.

A 'present likelihood' reflects imminence and that the potential event is more likely than not to happen.

'Serious harm' is a risk which is life-threatening and/or traumatic, and from which recovery, whether physical or psychological, can be expected to be difficult or impossible.

The category and definition derives from ACPO Guidance. There is no legislation that recognises the existence of Potentially Dangerous Persons and unlike offenders who fall within MAPPA there is no statutory multi-agency framework which governs the management of Potentially Dangerous Persons.

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ACPO Guidance on Protecting the Public: Managing Sexual Offenders and Violent Offenders (2010)

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