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Someone appointed by the Department for Work and Pensions to claim and collect benefits and pension on behalf of a person who cannot manage their own affairs. This could be because they are mentally incapable or are severely disabled.

An appointee takes on the full responsibility for making and maintaining any claim and managing the spending of the benefit. This means that they:

  • Sign the claim form instead of the person claiming benefits;
  • Are responsible for telling the benefit office of any changes which may affect the amount of benefit the person getting benefit gets;
  • Have to claim any benefits to which the person may be entitled;
  • Must spend the benefit in the best interests of the person concerned – although paid to the appointee, the benefit is not theirs to spend on themselves;
  • Can be responsible for any overpayments, if they knowingly provide wrong information.

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For more information, go to the Government website, Becoming an Appointee for Someone Claiming Benefits


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