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Council for Disabled Children

We are the umbrella body for the disabled children's sector with a membership of over 200 voluntary and community organisations and an active network of practitioners that spans education, health and social care.

As a membership body we provide a collective voice that champions the rights of children, young people and their families and challenges barriers to inclusion.

As a collective we believe that the views of disabled children and young people are vital to the development of an inclusive society and that they have the right to be heard and actively participate in decisions that affect them.

We believe that every child and young person should enjoy the same rights and opportunities and that every aspect of society should be fully inclusive to disabled children and young people.

Part of the National Children’s Bureau (NCB)

National Children’s Bureau
8 Wakley Street

Telephone: 020 7843 1900





The umbrella body for the disabled children’s sector bringing together professionals, practitioners and policy-makers.